Fitness By Phone®

Get fit...anywhere, anytime! professional personal training via the phone

Can you relate?

 Your hectic schedule leaves you little or no time to exercise.
 You would like the benefits of a personal trainer, without the high cost.
 Your workouts are boring, and you are no longer getting results.
 You find yourself eating for reasons other than hunger.
 Your exercise is inconsistant and lacks motivation.

If you can relate to any of these, read on. You are ready for a program that supports you in overcoming life obstacles, in order to achieve your fit body. And, I personally guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back! Finally have a personal program that uniquely fits you and your needs–one that is motivating and fun.


Imagine...close your eyes...what does your life look have a healthy fit body, that body you've always are motivated to are not afraid to understand your workouts and have personal contral...all of this WITHOUT dieting!

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Fitness By Phone® is an innovative approach to personal training. You are not alone anymore! While being led step-by-step through your unique program, you can finally be confident that your workouts are getting results. The Fitness By Phone® method allows you to take responsibility for your workout session...which, ultimately, gives you the power and control over your success. Since you get constant feedback with your activity monitors and guidance from me, your Master Phone Coach, you'll have powerful motivation. You will also receive a new program weekly, which takes away the boredom that you've experience with exercise in the past. You will know exactly what to do, daily, and if you have any questions or concerns, you have access to me...anytime! Finally, you will realize that the positive changes you are making are becoming permanent and that you are transforming into a more active, stronger, and healthier person.

This involves a commitment, from you, to change. Most of us want to improve our physique, whether it's to lose weight, get toned, or generally to be more active...but it does take the willingness to commit. Ask yourself: "What would life be like if I improved my health? What if I lost the weight that I've been trying to lose? What if I become stronger and more active? What if I got into shape and actually stayed in shape? Now...what would life be like if I stayed the same as I am now, today, for the rest of my life?" If you are ready for this, if you are ready for accountability with direction and support, then you can make the change... I guarantee it.

Intuitive Eating

Is this you?

 I'll start tomorrow
 With my busy life, I don't have time to eat right.
 I've tried other diets, why would this program be different.
 I'm frustrated with losing and regaining weight.
 I find myself eating for reasons other than hunger (stress, bordom, anger).

Intuitive Eating is not a diet. It is not about good and bad foods. It is not about willpower.

Did you know that diets have only a 5.2% success rate?

Eating intuitively, through, with a non-diet approach has a 82% success rate. Find out more...

During your program:

  • Learn about Diet Deprivation Backlash
    You lost weight on a diet, which deprived you and your body of something; ended up going off the diet; resulting in gaining all the weight back plas more.

  • Get Educated
    Some people struggle for years – losing, then regaining the weight. Others seem to eat whatever they want and stay slim. Understand what one pound of fat really is.

  • Learn How to Eat Intuitively
    Get in tune with your own body's natural cues. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Eat, without guilt, the foods you love. Without the deprivation.

  • Dispel Myths
    DId you know that chocolate and fast food does not make you fat? Understand why there is no majic pill and why fad diets don't work.

  • Gain Personal Power over Food and Overeating
    Enjoy all foods, being confident and able to stop when necessary. UNderstand how and why emotions play a role.

  • Learn Tools that you can use Anytime, Anywhere – for a Lifetime.
    At resturants, at home, at social functions...all situations.

  • Get Supported as you Body Makes Changes
    As you move toward your body's ideal weight, find yourself feeling healthier with more energy.

Intuitive Eating is offered one-on-one in 12 & 24 week programs.

If you are fed up with the diet rollercoaster and you're ready to make a lasting change, then don't wait another day.

Call 208.578.3531 or email us to see if Intuitive Eating is right for you.